Compliant SEO

Relevance as Google see it. Achieving top search results being compliant in on-page SEO.

Above everything that is not black hat, Google rates relevance as the most important factor in their ranking process.

In other words, to place well in the top search results pages, one must present as many clues as possible in regards to the page's topic.
The topic is determined by the primary and secondary keyword phrases.

Many SEO firms tend to ignore or downplay this, as touting link building, social networking and bogging are the "fashionable" buzz words these days, AND they ALL require continuous work on an ongoing basis.
Top SEO is pretty much a "one off" effort if done properly. Most of it is done on-page.
True, some monitoring is necessary, but the monthly maintenance activities are not nearly as inflated as some make them out to be.

Let us look at what is needed to comply with Google's relevance demands;

Again, let us look at this.
Your visitor's browser opens your page and the visitor sees the:

After the visitor's and the search engine spider's eyes leave the navigation they slide sideways into the main page body.
Here they should be met with a repetition of the primary keyword phrase WITH a descriptor.

The body section text should open with the descriptive phrase and then lead into the copy by using benefits.

Avoid the Google sandbox!
Need to get smarter faster?
Tell the people what is in the page for them right away by presenting the information in short easy to read sections.

Bulleted lists work best.

We need to spend as much time and energy in seducing customers as we do in attracting them.
Google says to "Develop for the visitor, not the search engines" and here is where this really applies.

A recent Omniture presentation on search and "Engagement Optimization" outlines the rules for this.
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