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SEO Program Elements

The elements of our SEO program are as follows.

  1. We receive your request and do an evaluation of your website for:
    1. Keyword Use.
    2. Site placement in the SERPs for your keyword phrases.
  2. We contact you to get your version of the primary keyword phrases and compare them to the site's keyword phrases.
  3. We conduct competitor research to see what your competitors are using for key phrases, and how they place.
  4. We do keyword frequency research and compare them against your keyword list.
    1. Results are checked for synonyms.
    2. Appropriate use phrases are chosen.
  5. We pick the primary phrases for the main page and interior value added pages.

This ends the keyword discovery phase.
We now move into the on-page work.

This can be done by us, or by your webmaster at our instruction.

We write out a list of changes or we make the changes to a private copy of your webpage on our server.
Changes usually include:

  • Optimizing the loading time of your page.
  • Use of keyword phrases on the page and in the meta tags, (Title, Description, Keywords).
  • The position and size of the keywords in the visual presentation.
  • Use of h1 to h3 tags in the code to structure the semantic hierarchy.
  • Use of descriptive h2 headings to support the h1 key phrase.
  • The use of anchor text links in the navigation.
  • The structure of file names, both for graphics and page names.
  • The use of alt tags and accessibility features.
  • The structure and layout of the page taking eye tracking hot spot studies into consideration.
  • Possible re-writing of the page(s) copy to better promote the main products/services.

After the on page work is completed, we add a couple of trackers to your pages.
Extreme tracker for quick visitor and search info, and a heat map tracker to see where your users click.

Monthly evaluations include:

  1. Frequency of search phrases
  2. SERPs.  The position of your phrases.
  3. Linking pages on other sites.
  4. Length of time on server.
  5. Entry and exit pages.

Once the page work is done and trackers are added we send out a tweet, list your page on Facebook and our websites so that Google picks up the new copy.

Monthly services include:

  • Link building for traffic and PageRank.
  • Web Stats monitoring and analysis.
  • SERPs monitoring.
  • Tweaking if necessary.

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